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EI News, Science, & Links Summary for the W/E 12/28/2007

December 29, 2007

The plastic killing fields

December 28, 2007

Mold found in 'green' building

Mold in the Home Linked to Mood Swings, Depression

December 27, 2007

House dust: toxic and on your table

Chemical Odor Causes City Building Evacuation

Environmental Factors Early In Life May Influence Testicular Cancer Risk

FEMA trailer residents worry about mold

Odd allergy: Diagnosis controversial, but a Canadian researcher is 'totally

Woman finds clean start in new Gilberts home,3_1_EL27_A1MSLADY_S1.article

Woman hurt in pool chemical explosion,22606,22975715-2682,00.html

ENVIRONMENT: Activists to push N.Y. for better standards on toxic vapors

December 26, 2007

Norway will ban mercury

School studied for environmental causes of autism,0,516410.story

Emissions proposal misses point

Cremation a hazard to the living?,0,3146009.story

Health hazards add to nursing shortages

December 25, 2007

Area parents switching to glass for baby's bottle

New toxin rules seen as lax

FDA-Approved Bacteria Blocks Acrylamide Formation in Cooked Foods

Law gets strict on toy lead

December 24, 20078

Mercury ban among laws going into effect

Is it possible that I am allergic to my Christmas tree?

Brazil adds three chemicals to barred products list

Chemical used to harden plastic harmful to humans

December 23, 2007

These bulbs are a bright idea, but be careful with the cleanup
Experimental AIDS Vaccine Goes Awry

Concerns resurface over chemical in hard-plastic water bottles,0,2126101.story

There's no defense for toxic toys,1,4067006.story?coll=la-news-comment&ctrack=2&cset=true

Fungus a homegrown conflict

Integrative Way: What's gotten into your genes?

A Toy Maker's Conscience

The hazards inside the tube,0,895773.story?coll=bal_tab03_layout

Peril in plastic?,0,894641.story

Call for ban on toxic fibreboard

Some Parents Seek Options to Vaccine Orders

December 22, 2007

Christmas Trees Making Some Sneeze

ExxonMobil fined $60k for spilling diesel into ocean in 2004

For some, fluoridated water still hard to swallow,1,2338669.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Everyday Items, Complex Chemistry

December 21, 2007

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Portrait of the Skeptic

Text-messaging system alerts buyers to toxicity

Medical Gift Cards Bring Well Wishes

Unions, members of Congress urge action on diacetyl

Chemical Rules for Selected Products

Washington Joining California Auto Emission Suit Against EPA

State receives diesel emissions grant

Air Fresheners' Potentially Toxic Chemicals Require More EPA Action

Missing the Mercury Threat: An appeal to New Jersey's Governor

Very few children here tested for lead poisoning

Health Hazards Add to Nursing Shortages

December 15, 2007

Banished, the schoolgirl, 8, told to sit outside class by teacher 'allergic
to her fabric softener'

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Public Service Announcement #4 (SPANISH)
Scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners pollute indoor and outdoor

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Outdoor air pollution and emergency department visits for asthma among
children and adults: a case-crossover study in northern Alberta, Canada.

A shared decision-making communication training program for physicians
treating fibromyalgia patients: Effects of a randomized controlled trial.

Negative Affect and Chemical Intolerance as Risk Factors for
Building-Related Symptoms: A Controlled Exposure Study.

The health effects of nonindustrial indoor air pollution

Residues of 18 organochlorine pesticides in 30 traditional Chinese

Impact of environmental pollutants on the male: Effects on germ cell

Neurotoxic disorders of organophosphorus compounds and their managements
(review article).

Exposure to heavy metals (lead, cadmium and mercury) and its effect on the
outcome of in-vitro fertilization treatment.

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