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EI News, Science, & Links for the W/E 12/14/2007

December 15, 2007

Katrina FEMA Trailers Tested For Dangerous Chemical

December 14, 2007

Merck Agrees to $20 Million Chemical Spill Settlement

$20 million settlement reached in 2006 Merck chemical spill

Toxic toys hang over holiday season

Mercury in Mascara? Minn. Law Bans It

Is there any link between leukemia and nuclear power?

Mercury in mascara? New ban coming for beauty products in Minn.

Vaccination Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 2)

Forced Vaccinations = Crimes Against Children

December 13, 2007

Long Island Toxic Mold Victims to Get Relocation Assistance

Cal-EPA plan could make state a leader in toxic chemicals policy

The Hidden Dangers Of Mold

Lingering toxins continue to cause cancer: study

Liberty fires middle school librarian

Under-Urination, Excessive Body Strain Or Toxicity May Cause Cancer

Vets warn of killer chemical in pet meat,23599,22915444-2,00.html

December 12, 2007

You Have To Protect Yourself From Risks, Adverse Effects Of Medication

Group Warns That Nurses Face Health Risks from Chemical Exposure

EPA Pushed to Lower Reporting Standards

How To Have A Green Christmas

Toxic Mold Task Force Starts Work in New York

B.C. study looks at link between contaminants and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Sears phasing out products containing PVC

Is Your Child's Toothpaste Toxic?

Merck recalls 1 million children's vaccines

December 11, 2007

Push for More Mandatory Vaccines Leads to Parent Protests

Vaccine rule stokes fears over autism

Quebec adopts California's emissions controls

Nurses survey suggests risk from chemicals

They Beat Cancer in Childhood ... and Then?

Chemicals Used As Fire Retardants Could Be Harmful, Researchers Say

Apartment Mold: What are renters' rights?

Watertown town clerk wins mold dispute lawsuit,0,2790619.story

Research Explores Connection Between Respiratory Illnesses, Air
Quality, And Weather In NYC

Chemical Exposures on the Job May Be Linked to Diseases in Nurses

December 10, 2007

Autism can be induced in mice

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR): The most pervasive environmental
exposures by BioInitiative

Shampoo poses green threat, warns report

The State of Children's Health: End of the Year Report Card

How healthy is your office? Routine contamination of the air poses a threat
to employees

Social Security Disability Cases Last Longer as Backlog Rises

A clear pattern of risk emerges from city smog,1,5160395,print.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

December 9, 2007

High Weedkiller Levels Found in River Checks

Christmas time holds danger of toxic toys for kids

A little green B&B in the quiet Wellfleet woods

The sneezin' upon us

Allergies under the Christmas tree

More Mainers refuse to permit a shot in the arm for their kids

Pollution health risks in our midst,1,1895000.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

December 8, 2007

State OKs strict air emission measures,1,7604416.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Fighting Toxicity and Restoring Good Health

Toxic dumping law gets legal challenge

Antibacterial Chemical Disrupts Hormone Activities, Study Finds

December 7, 2007

Children and Adults Exposed to Killer Chemicals

Feds hedge on environmental link to Pennsylvania illnesses

Warning: Lead Poisoning Or Autism?

All the dampness an invitation to mold

Chemical in plastic may cause health risk

December 6, 2007

Students invent self powered toxic sensor

FDA Sleeps While Common Medications Poison the Elderly

Texas Medical Board Disciplines Doctors

Stem cells show power to predict disease, drug toxicity

NJ Parents Try to Block Vaccine Mandate

December 5, 2007

Toy tests detect lead and chemicals Ecology Center drives big study

Dodging Traffic Pollution's Lung Effects

Long Island Residents: Cell Towers - Act Like Other Villages

December 4, 2007

Yonkers is asked to follow its own leaf blower ban

December 3, 2007

Illusive diseases frustrate both doctors and patients

December 2007

Toddling Toward Toxicity: What Consumer Products Slather on Our Kids

November 16, 2007

Gene Combination Increases Vulnerability to Air Pollutant

November 12, 2007

Exercise found to ease chronic pain of fibromyalgia

October 24, 2007

Air-quality crusader


Ready to Go Activist: Letter to State Representatives to Ban Woodsmoke

MCSA Supports Take Back the Air and Wood Smoke Ban in Minneapolis

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