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EI News, Science, & Links Summary for the W/E 12/21/2007

December 21, 2007

The lead-tainted toys that got away

Whitening agent found in Christmas products

Staff at EPA supported California's attempt to reduce car emission

Denial of State Emissions Plan Was Foreshadowed

EPA chief is said to have ignored staff,0,2062514.story

Efforts under way to raise the visibility of respiratory illness linked to
farm-related work

December 20, 2007

Debate escalates over chemical in plastic bottles, cans

Flavoring additive puts professional cooks at risk

EPA Sides With Auto Industry

Emission Impossible

The Green House as Classroom

High lead levels found in kids' jewelry

Lasting genetic legacy of environment

December 19, 2007

HPV Vaccines Based on "Scientific Fraud" Says Consumer Advocate in New
Video, Podcasts and Online Special Report

Still in The Air: The fight over asbestos removal strategies isn't over,
though the test in Fort Worth is.

EPA Rejects California Emission's Waiver Request, Legal Battle Ahead

Perchlorate concentrates in breast milk

More flame retardants found in house dust

Replacing animal testing: RPI researcher helps develop biochips for
cosmetic and drug trials

Buyers at Risk: Christmas Season of Toxic Recalls

Holidays can be hard on people with allergies

Can You Keep Allergies Out Of Your House?

Doctors rely too heavily on drug company data: CMA

Nurse gave four-year-old MMR vaccine AGAINST wishes of parents

California Lindane Ban Proves Successful

Maine Tackles Chemicals In Consumer Products

December 18, 2007

Crossing disciplines to address mercury pollution

FEMA Trailer Tests Questioned by Critics, Who Argue That Toxicity of
Trailers is Already Proven

Province halts mumps vaccine: Four allergic reactions to vaccine in DTHR

Shingles Vaccine Could Pose Health Risks

New Jersey Mandates Flu Shot for Preschoolers Despite Thimerosal

Governor receives final report on toxic chemicals

Toxic Recalls Complicate 'Toys for Tots' Drives This Season,2933,317351,00.html

Protecting Public Health from Phthalates Will Require Consideration of
Cumulative Risks

All About: Water and Health

Smoke "increases baby allergy risk"

Congress Likely to Pass Incandescent Bulb Ban

It's time to smoke out wood-burning culprits

December 17, 2007

How I Survived Chronic Illness - One Woman's Story of Resilience

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 4: Reversing mass chemical contamination

Biochip Mimics The Body To Reveal Toxicity Of Industrial Compounds

Federal government to study ban on phosphates in household cleaners

Heavy Traffic Makes Breathing A Burden In Children

Toxic toy law misses big picture

Governor Receives Final Report On Toxic Chemicals

Harper announces more rigorous product safety law

EarthTalk: Air Freshener Dangers

Warning: Lead poisoning or autism?

As Temperatures Rise, Health Could Decline

Dow To Exit Commodity Chemicals

Microwave popcorn chemical out of the bag

December 16, 2007

Organic beauty: All-natural women

Mercury OK in Vaccines But Not In Mascara?

Harmful effects of chemical fertiliser highlighted

Seeking the Truth About the Never Vaccinated

Royal commission to study link between late nights and cancer

This dog has a nose for mold

A growing problem in our houses: mold

Mag chloride use in question

N.J. parents fret about flu shots

Did chemical exposure cause cancers for McCullom Lake residents?

Vapor intrusion may be crucial test for DEC

Ethiopia ships toxic pesticide to UK for destruction

December 15, 2007

Biomonitoring: Has pollution spread to body?

Coulouris, Kahn target toxic toys

No more makeup with mercury in Minnesota, new law first in nation

December 14, 2007

Mobile phones 'cancer link': Mouth tumours 50% more likely after heavy use

Chinese website to expose air polluters

December 13, 2007

California's emission-control law upheld on 1st test in U.S. court

Nation's Largest Retailers Accused of Organic Fraud

December 11, 2007

A Gas Under Pressure

December 2007

Fleeing Valley's unhealthy air

Fighting for air

State launches new mercury vapor poisoning Web site

No Date

Deceived, Disabled, Dejected, Dehumanized, Dismissed, and Dying: The
Widespread Dilemma of MCS Disability


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Gene expression profiling in rat cerebellum following in utero and
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Chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-oxon inhibit axonal growth by interfering with
the morphogenic activity of acetylcholinesterase.

'Detox': science or sales pitch?

Environmental toxins and health - The health impact of pesticides.

Environmental hazards: evidence for effects on child health.

A review of Thimerosal (Merthiolate) and its ethylmercury breakdown product:
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Gene expression profiles in rainbow trout, Onchorynchus mykiss, exposed to a
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[Observation on therapeutic effect of point pressure combined with massage
on chronic fatigue syndrome]

[Fatigue syndrome in chronic neurological disorders]

Pesticide poisoning

Cluster randomised controlled trial of training practices in reattribution
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University of Toronto case-control study of multiple chemical sensitivity-3:
intra-erythrocytic mineral levels

Demographic characteristics and quality of life of patients with unexplained
complaints: a descriptive study in general practice

Biomarkers of oxidative stress and DNA damage in agricultural workers: A
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