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Characteristics and patterns of healthcare utilization of patients with fibromyalgia in general practitioner settings in Germany.

Curr Med Res Opin. 2008 Jul 28. [Epub ahead of print]

Characteristics and patterns of healthcare utilization of patients with fibromyalgia in general practitioner settings in Germany.

OBJECTIVE: To examine characteristics and patterns of healthcare utilization of patients with fibromyalgia (FM) under the care of general practitioners (GPs) in Germany.RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Retrospective cohort study, using a large electronic database with information on GP encounters in Germany (IMS MediPlus). We identified all patients, aged >/= 18 years, with any encounters for FM (ICD-10 diagnosis code M79.7) between February 1, 2004 and January 31, 2007. We also constituted a comparison group consisting of randomly selected patients with one or more GP encounters - but none for FM - during this period, who we matched to FM patients based on age and sex. Characteristics and healthcare utilization of patients in the FM and comparison groups were then examined over the 1-year period, February 1, 2006-January 31, 2007.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Prevalence of co-morbidities; use of pain-related pharmacotherapy; number of GP office visits; number of specialist referrals; and number of sick notes (physician-excused absences from work). RESULTS: The study sample consisted of 4983 FM patients and an identical number in the comparison group. Mean age was 58 years; 87% were women. The prevalence of various co-morbidities was greater among FM patients, including painful neuropathies (33% vs. 18% for comparison group) and depression (20% vs. 5%) (both p < 0.01); more FM patients also received pain-related pharmacotherapy (67% vs. 28%; p < 0.01). Compared with patients in the comparison group, FM patients averaged approximately twice as many GP visits (11.4 [SD = 10.1] vs. 5.8 [7.5]), referrals (4.5 [5.2] vs. 2.2 [3.6]), and sick notes (0.6 [1.8] vs. 0.3 [1.1]) (all p < 0.01).LIMITATIONS: Information in the study database is limited to GP encounters, and the sensitivity and specificity of our case-finding methods are unknown.CONCLUSIONS: Patients with FM under the care of GPs in Germany have comparatively more co-morbidities and higher levels of healthcare utilization.

PMID: 18664319 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Glutathione S-transferase m1 and t1 null genotypes increase susceptibility to idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury.

Hepatology. 2008 Apr 16;48(2):588-596. [Epub ahead of print]

Glutathione S-transferase m1 and t1 null genotypes increase susceptibility to idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury.

Servicio de Farmacología Clínica (Clinical Pharmacology Service), (Liver Unit University Hospital School of Medicine) Málaga Spain.

Individual vulnerability to drug-induced liver injury (DILI) might result from deficiencies in the detoxification process, which determines the level of exposure to the reactive metabolite. We evaluated whether a genetically determined reduction in the ability to detoxify electrophilic compounds, such as that expected among individuals with glutathione S-transferase (GST) null genotypes, might play a role in determining the risk for DILI and its clinical expression. Genomic DNA from 154 patients (74 men, 80 women; mean age, 53 years) with a diagnosis of DILI as assessed with the Council for International Organizations of Medical Science scale and 250 sex- and age-matched healthy controls were analyzed. A multiplex polymerase chain reaction-based method was used to detect GSTM1 and GSTT1 gene deletions. Carriers of double GSTT1-M1 null genotypes had a 2.70-fold increased risk of developing DILI compared with noncarriers (odds ratio 2.70, 95% confidence interval 1.45-5.03; P = 0.003). The odds ratio for DILI patients receiving antibacterials, and NSAIDs were 3.52 (P = 0.002), and 5.61 (P = 0.001), respectively. Patients with amoxicillin-clavulanate hepatotoxicity (n = 32) had a 2.81-fold increased risk (P = 0.037). Patients classified by the combined GSTT1 and GSTM1 null genotypes did not differ with regard to the type of injury, clinical presentation, or outcome, except for the predominance of women in the combined null genotype (P < 0.001). Conclusion: The double-null genotype for GSTT1 and GSTM1 might play a role in determining the susceptibility to develop DILI, as a general mechanism that occurs regardless of the type of drug involved, and predominantly in women. (HEPATOLOGY 2008;48:588-596.).

PMID: 18666253 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

NEWS: Congress Passes Bill to Ban Lead and Chemicals in Kids Toys to Bush

Comment: Some progress here with kids products in the US. It's a "baby step" (no pun intended) in the direction of banning these toxic chemiclas from all products. Let's hope Bush signs it. Sal

Congress sends Bush bill banning lead in children's products,1,5533109.story

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Senate on Thursday passed and sent to the White House legislation that bans lead from children's toys and seeks to ensure that chemicals posing possible health problems will not end up on toys and articles that kids chew on and play with.


The bill also:

—Provides whistle-blower protections to employees who report consumer product hazards. The provision was championed by Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

—Requires the CPSC to set up a user-friendly database where consumers, government agencies, child care providers or doctors could report incidents of injury, illness, death or risk related to products.

—Makes more products now covered by voluntary industry standards subject to mandatory standards. With that, more toy hazards, including goods containing small magnets that were included in products recalled last year, would be subject to third-party testing requirements.

The bill is H.R. 4040
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Genotoxicity of thimerosal in cultured human lymphocytes

Toxicol In Vitro. 2008 Jun;22(4):927-34. Epub 2008 Feb 1.Click here to read Links

Genotoxicity of thimerosal in cultured human lymphocytes with and without metabolic activation sister chromatid exchange analysis proliferation index and mitotic index.

Mersin University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Biology, 33343 Mersin, Turkey.

Thimerosal is an antiseptic containing 49.5% of ethyl mercury that has been used for years as a preservative in many infant vaccines and in flu vaccines. Thimerosal is an organic mercurial compound used as a preservative in biomedical preparations. In this study, we evaluated the genotoxic effect of thimerosal in cultured human peripheral blood lymphocytes using sister chromatid exchange analysis in culture conditions with and without S9 metabolic activation. This study is the first report investigating the genotoxic effects of thimerosal in cultured human peripheral blood lymphocyte cells using sister chromatid exchange analysis. An analysis of variance test (ANOVA) was performed to evaluate the results. Significant induction of sister chromatid exchanges was seen at concentrations between 0.2 and 0.6 microg/ml of thimerosal compared with negative control. A significant decrease (p<0.001) in mitotic index (MI) and proliferation index (PRI) as well as an increase in SCE frequency (p<0.001) was observed compared with control cultures. Our results indicate the genotoxic and cytotoxic effect of TH in cultured human peripheral blood lymphocytes at tested doses in cultures with/without S9 fraction.

PMID: 18321677 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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NEWSLETTER: MCS America News - August 2008

August 2008, Volume 3, Issue 8


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Compact Fluorescent Lamps   What You Need to Know About Low Energy Lighting

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Opinion   Fragrances   Carcinogenic Culprits

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Scientific Study   Teaching Medical Students About Unexplained Illnesses

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Scientific Study   Science Lacking Integrity

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Scientific Review   Children in Danger

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Scientific Review   Money-Spinning Fungi

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Scientific Study   When Violence is not a Behavioral Problem

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Scientific Study   Fragranced Products Proven Toxic by Scientist

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Hospital Accessibility Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (for MCS)

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Scientific Study   Scientists Find Disturbed ATP Metabolism in Fibromyalgia

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Sal's Place   Disability   Is it a Free Ride?

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Patient Support and Resources

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Community News

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Featured Research Studies

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities America



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STUDY: Fragranced consumer products and undisclosed ingredients (Steinemann)

Steinemann AC.  Fragranced consumer products and undisclosed ingredients.  Environ Impact Asses Rev (2008), doi:10.1016/j.eiar.2008.05.002.

Environmental Illness & MCS Support and Referrals Resource List

Environmental Illness & MCS Support and Referrals Resource List

Updated July 26, 2008 


MCS America Forums
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MCS America Forums

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Open to the general public to discuss MCS in general as well as support, ideas, information, announcements, and/or to share personal activism.  This is in contrast to the MCS America Members group were discussion of collaborative activist efforts and internal MCS America efforts will remain.  No application is required.


MCS America Members Activist and Support

This group also fulfills the function of discuss support, ideas, information, announcements, and/or share personal activism like the MCSA-Pubic group, only with a closed membership that requires a membership application.  This group also has the added benefit of being a place where individuals and other organizations and activists can engage in collaborative efforts with MCS America and being recipient to all the news feeds (see MCSA Feeds below).  Members of this group are considered associate members of MCS America.  Members do not operate MCS America in any way, but rather collaborate with the organization and are privy to some internal operations, activities, and events.


MCSA Feeds

The purpose of this public access group is to receive daily distribution of news and research studies on multiple chemical sensitivity, chemical injury, environmental concerns, and other related environmental illnesses and disorders.  Anyone can join without an application.  Only the moderator posts to this group. This is not a discussion group.  This group distributes about 15 articles on average each day.


MCS Salvage and Share

A public access group similar to Freecycle, except it's a free recycling program for safer reusable's geared towards individuals with MCS, CFS, FM, and other related disabilities correlated with the environment.  The purpose of this program is to find, give, and recycle needed "safe" or "safer" items.  All items are exchanged for free. Shipping cost are arranged between donor and recipient.  Anyone can join without an application.


MCS Hawaii

Open to the general public residing in Hawaii to discuss support, ideas, information, announcements, and/or share personal activism.  No application is required.  This group is currently recipient to all the news feeds (see MCSA Feeds above).  This list is operated in part by a state subsidiary volunteer who resides in the state.


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Open to the general public residing in Nebraska to discuss support, ideas, information, announcements, and/or share personal activism.  No application is required.  This list is operated in part by a state subsidiary volunteer who resides in the state. 

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According to Mt. Sinai Medical School, there are many illness' caused by toxic substances such as pesticides. They are studying the role other toxins play on the new childhood diseases triggered by environmental factors. They call this the new epidemic. Mothers of Many is for all parents with children who are ill and are affected by toxic chemicals such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Asthma, Cancer, Autism, Tourettes Syndrome, Multiple Chemicals Sensitivities (MCS), Parkinson's, and any other condition affected.


Bay Area MCS

Classified ads and notices for people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) in the San Francisco Bay Area.



This Group is to promote friendly discussion about places where people have gone and feel more or less recovered from CFS/ME/CFIDS.


Chemical Disability Australasian NETwork

A Discussion/Chat/Mutual help list run by and for the chemically disabled.


CMCS-EI Christian MCS, CFS, FM, and EI Group

We are a Christian group who have invisible illnesses like MCS (multiple chemical sensativity) or Environmental Illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS ), Fibromyalgia ( FM ), GWS, Lupus, Anxiety, etc.


Creative Canaries Community

This group is an online meeting place for creative artists with Chemical Sensitivities.  We offer connections between - and information for - artists whose (artistic) life is affected by Chemical Sensitivities and the consequences they have.  



"Detox" is a group to serve chemically injured, environmentally ill, multiple chemical sensitivity, and related illness such as chronic fatigue, candidiasis, hypoglycemia, lupus, and others.



The purpose of Disinissues is to share experience and advice about the processes of obtaining and maintaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and long-term disability insurance. The group is targeted mainly towards those with invisible disabilities, such as CFIDS and other conditions not on Social Security's Listing of Impairments.


EMF Refugee

This ML has been created with the intent of bringing refugees together in countries around the world to form their own EMF-free communities in natural environments where they can heal and create healing environments for the Earth and others.


Environmental Illness 001

This group is dedicated to curing / resolving all issues related to Environmental Illness, including but not limited to: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Multiple Food Allergy, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida, Epstein Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Porphyria, endocrine system dysregulation, etc.


Gasslist-L (Glutaraldehyde, Aldehyde, and Solvent Sensitivity)

This list has been established to serve persons interested in Glutaraldehyde, Aldehyde, and Solvent Sensitivity, especially  darkroom personnel, radiographers, and diagnostic medical sonographers.  The purpose of the list is to promote internet-wide exchange of research and information.


Green Canary

This list is dedicated to a life free from toxic chemicals, and the health problems that they can cause.  Here we can come together and share the information and experiences that have taught each of us a piece of the knowledge necessary to survive and thrive, eliminating unnecessary toxic chemicals from our lives, and replacing them with the elements of health and the alternatives offered by the natural world around us.



This is the list for support and information about multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, porphyria, allergies, asthma, and other immune-related ailments.


Immune Parenting

This list is for both men and women who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, or other immune system medical issues--or their partners--who are parents, pregnant, trying to conceive, or who are thinking about parenthood.


Live Chat at the Health and Environment Resource Center (HERC)

This chatroom is not associated with any group. It is unmoderated and no password is required. Chat Times: Saturday - 7 pm ET, 6 pm CT, 5 pm Mtn, 4 pm Pac; Monday - 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT, 7 pm Mtn, 6 pm Pac; Wednesday - 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm Mtn, 5 pm Pac.


MCS Canada

This group was formed to assist patients and concerned parties from all nationalities learn to cope with environmental injury, including disorders such as MCS,ME, CFS, FM, Lyme, Lupus, GWS, PPS, as well as related and associated illnesses.


MCS Canadian Sources

MCS Canadian Sources is a support, information and resource exchange for those living and coping with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Environmental Illness (EI), or Chemical Injury (CI).


MCS Photography

MCS Photography is a group for those with multiple chemical sensitivity who capture amd share the world and their life through photography.


MCS Recycle

The objective of this group is to be able to share with each other items that are chemical free and have been used in a non-toxic environment. This group is planet-wide.


MCS Safe Shelter USA

Short-term and long-term housing for people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Check our database for listings by state. (Please use the two-digit code.) Find rentals, hotels, and housing to purchase.


MCS Toxic Injuries

MCS-Toxic-Injuries is a self-moderated, secular, apolitical newsgroup for toxically-injured environmentally sensitive people to support one another and exchange coping methods, treatments and experiences.


MCS Village

The purpose of this group is to discuss the feasibility of building a village(s)or community in which MCS/EI patients can live safely, and to provide a forum in which the legal, medical, geographic, architectural, social and funding issues relating to building such a community(ies) or village(s) may be discussed and resolved.


MCS Writers Group

A place for writers who have chemical sensitivities (or chemical injury) to share their stories and articles, work on and develop public writing skills, exchange editing skills and perspective, and develop ideas in order to bring awareness and education to the published world about what it is like to live with MCS/ES/CI/EI.


Midwest Oasis MCS E-mail Support

Midwest Oasis MCS E-mail Support is the e-mail arm of the Midwest Oasis MCS Support Group. Although people from all geographical areas are welcome to join, a partial focus of this list will be discussion of regional issues affecting MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) in Missouri and other Midwestern states.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Chemical Sensitivity, Porphyrin & CO)

Discussion group where people afflicted with Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning &/or Disorders of Porphyrin Metabolism can talk about their illness, inquire with others on avoidance, methods of cleaning & products one can use for necessary hygiene.


Old Dominion MCS-FMS_CFIDS Support Group · A Virginia Fibro MCS CFIDS Group

Too many people in Va. have Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, CFIDS, Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), ES, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The group owner wanted to create an informative, supportive group for Virginians, and others.


Planet Thrive

A dynamic online community for those activity seeking answers and support for a variety of health concerns.  A place where people around the world help each other get well and stay well.


Sick Buildings

Toxic molds are running rampant in our homes, offices and schools. Exposure to mycotoxins has been linked to the death of infants, as well as immune-compromised adults. Despite increasing reports of mold-induced illness and health problems associated with mold exposure, our public health agencies offer little, if any support or funding for research into this growing problem.



This is a list to exchange information regarding environmental issues in the northern suburbs and NY metro area focusing especially on encouraging activism in this area and educating the public about toxic effects of pesticide/herbicide usage.


Tenth Paradigm Society

The Tenth Paradigm Society mailing list is for the dissemination and discussion of information concerning the NO/ONOO- cycle mechanism, a new paradigm of human disease, proposed by Martin L. Pall, Ph.D.  Dr. Pall adopted the term "Multisystem Illness" to describe those diseases that fall under the tenth paradigm. They include: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS/M.E.), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Fibromyalgia (FM/FMS), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).


The Sanctuary

MCS-International.Org's Holistic Support Forums For sufferers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and all other forms of Chemical Injury and Environmental Illness.


WSMCSN (Washington State MCS Network)

WSMCSN is a decentralized network of groups and individuals in Washington State who share information about the issues of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Additional Forum ListingsWebpage


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Referral Lists


Physican Refferal List by State

Proper medical care is most crucial to recovery for individuals with MCS.  Some of the physicians on this list specialize in MCS, others in FM and CFS.  It is recommended that patients and doctors consult with one another prior to beginning any treatment to ensure understanding of the patient's needs and compatibility of patient and physician.


Dentist Referral List by State

Dental care is often challenging for individuals with MCS.  Dental materials may cause reactions and should be tested for biocompatibility prior to use.  A holistic dentist Is generally more familiar with the needs of individuals with MCS.  Some of the dentists on this list are specifically familiar with MCS, others are not.  It is recommended that patients and dentists consult with one another prior to beginning any treatment to ensure understanding of the patient's needs and compatibility of patient and dentist.


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The National Association of Clean Air Agencies 4 Cleaner Air


American Lung Association: State of the Air


Current Local & National Allergy Levels


Scorecard:  Pollution Index by Area


Toxmap Hazardous Waste Site Locations


USA Smoke/Fire Pollution Map


Antenna Search (USA)


EPA Safe Drinking Water Information by State


EPA Radon Zone Map


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Air Fresheners & Plug-Ins


Chemical in Air Fresheners Reduces Lung Function


Consequences of Childhood Chemical Injury  Poster By Margaret S. O'Nan


Electrosensitivity Brochure by Kato Yasuko


Fabric Softener




Grandma's Cupboard:  General Cleaning Solutions


Grandma's Cupboard:  Kitchen Cleaning


Grandma's Cupboard:  Personal Care


Grandma's Cupboard:  Laundry


Household Mold brochure from Quebec government


ILRU:  Understanding & Accommodating People with MCS in Everyday Living


Indoor Air Chemistry


Interior Design and MCS


Jill Mellum:  Breathe Easier, Hold the Fragrances Brochure


MCS Task Force of New Mexico Brochure


MCS Public Accommodations


MCS Statistics


No Scents Makes Sense Brochure


Theory on the Cause of MCS:  Peroxynitrite and Nitric Oxide


Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Use of Baking Soda as a Fungicide


Vaccine Poster - Are We Poisoning Our Children?


Visiting a Person with MCS


What you should know before visiting a person who has NRLA and/or MCS


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Acute Toxic Effects of Fragrances Business Card


Chemical Awareness Ribbon


Electrosensitivity Sign - Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone


Facemask on Tweety


Fragrance Free Sign: Brooks University


No Scents Makes Sense Sign


No Latex Sign by Jane Sagmoe


You Could Be Next Sign


Want to Put Your Friends and Family in Jail?


Wood Smoke Trespass Flyer 8 1/2 x 11


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Activist Materials


Fragrances on Mail and/or Catalogs


Air Freshener Use


Use of Fragrance, Cologne, and Perfume


Fabric Softener Emissions


Letter to State Representatives to Ban Woodsmoke


Letter to Doctors and Medical Boards Supporting MCS as a biological Illness (fully cited and scientifically supported)



*This work is copyrighted.  Permission granted for personal use in activism provided that original copyright and authorship are maintained.  For permission to reprint, mail


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Public Service Announcement #1
Air fresheners have been pulled off thousands of shelves nation-wide!

Public Service Announcement #2
When you use fragranced products, did you know you are wearing toxic chemicals!?

Public Service Announcement #3
Secondhand Fragrances are Like Secondhand Smoke!

Public Service Announcement #4
Scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners pollute indoor and outdoor air!

Public Service Announcement #4 (SPANISH)
Scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners pollute indoor and outdoor air!


Public Service Announcement #5
Wood Smoke
... The Other Secondhand Smoke!

Public Service Announcement #6
Fragrances undermine public health!


Public Service Announcement #7

Fragranced Laundry Products Pollute Our Air


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