Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mercury High in New Yorkers

by Alan Moses


A new report has just been released three years after the fact. The New York City Health Department has just given the results of the city's Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2004. Higher than expected blood mercury levels have been reported, yet the science is not explained to us. There was a failure to notify the public that blood mercury levels may not be reliable measures of the complexity of the situation.

It was noted that people of Asian decent had higher rates of blood mercury levels, as it may be possible that they have the genetic ability to eliminate this toxin at faster rates. Mercury is known to concentrate and adhere to fatty tissues and organs and is not always on the move to exit. Others may not be able to expel this toxin at a high enough rate to discharge the danger.

Mercury in all forms may be dangerous, however it is proving to be genetic susceptibility that determines whether one might be able to escape the full onslaught. If you are genetically unable to expel this toxin quickly enough, then you may suffer the consequences. This seems rather simplistic and yet we can better understand the effects of all toxins if we want to.

As with the dangers of smoking, drinking, prescription pill abuse, or just plain over use of any toxin, the dangers are there and some people will not react the same as others. We need to get off the all people are the same theory. Not all vaccines, scented products, medications, cleaning products, or even foods will cause the same results. This toxin or that, we all react differently. We may all have five fingers and toes but our biology, physiology, or neurology is not the same.

This study has, in fact, proven that genetics plays a role. We have to put things in perspective. Those of us of the so-called anti-vaccine crowd do realize that we may have gone too far. Some vaccinations could help, yet we know that just plain better nutrition and cleaner environments do eliminate the chances of most of the diseases involved.

We banned the use of lead almost thirty years ago. However, new warnings about this banned toxin are being newly expressed as it is being found in imported toys. We are finding that our own minimal regulations are not even the tip of the iceberg. The world economy has gone beyond any regulations that we may apply. Our food supply is becoming another questionable source of danger to our health.

Mercury is only one of the many toxins that can create havoc upon our bodies and our minds. The list of heavy metals is extensive, and if you add the tens of thousands of other chemicals that are out there, you have a serious toxic soup. Global warming and chronic illness go hand in hand; as the earth suffers so do we. Why is this so hard for us to understand?

I hope that we don't forget the science that we were taught. We are poisoning ourselves. We have overused the toxicants that make us sick. ALS, ADD, ASD and all of the other alphabets prove to us that simplicity is the answer and nothing else.

- Alan Moses
© 2007 Alan Moses
Reprinted with Permission

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