Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Inside MCS America

The Ready-to-Go Activist

This month we added a new webpage to the MCS America website called The Ready-to-Go MCS Activist.

The purpose of the Ready-to-Go MCS Activist is to provide pre-designed letters for varying educational and activist efforts. Many times we want to write a letter to an establishment, individual, or other entity to educate them and request they change their practices. The hardest part used to be writing the letter, and often it never happened because there was no time or ill health got in the way. Now, letters exist that can be customized and printed by you. Simply open the applicable link, add the date, print, sign, and mail.

Current letters include:

Fragrances on Mail and/or Catalogs

Air Freshener Use

Use of Fragrance, Cologne, and Perfume

More will be added each month. Check back soon!

To suggest a letter or contribute a letter:

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