Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thank God for Michael Moore by Alan Moses

There are times when just one person stands out from the rest. Michael Moore has done this in his new video Sicko, and we see the results. He gives us the truth, the government claims, and the law violations as he sought the truth. Sicko shows the restrictions that are being applied to us all. If you challenge the powers that be, they will attack and make claims to discredit you. Junk scientist, far left, Liberal, Gay or whatever can be thought of as not moral or Christian.

As with most wars or civilization turmoil, religion is used as an excuse. The religion factor was involved when we became a nation independent of British rule. 200 years have past and not much has changed on the global experience. The tactics have changed, yet the desire has not. World domination is the goal and is being sought.

We pride ourselves for being the warriors of freedom, yet we have less than most industrialized nations. Holding thirty-seventh place in healthcare is just one concern. The need for the populace to become educated is paramount, but unlike others in the west, we don't provide college educations free. As far as greening America, this has been an after thought. Only when the excuses run out, do we react.

People like the writer Ann Coulter can attack and be allowed to use terminology that others can't. If she was a so-called Liberal she would have been silenced long ago. If you desire the truth in health care, politics, life, or religion there must be another place. America is no longer for you as Michael says "we fear our government." If you deny this sad fact, you are only lying to yourself. The promises that I grew up with are no longer here.

We never react to what is important or truthful. We just accept and try and deal with our own lives. The complications are many, as just paying our bills can be overwhelming. Time is not an option, as we have none. We are so free that we have to pay for every right that we have. If we can't afford the right, then we suffer for it.

I hope you all watch "Sicko" as this movie will enlighten you to the realities of life. Michael again shows us how America is faltering. It is your choice to accept things as they are or to fight for the rights that most of the other industrialized world has. The world must be allowed to understand itself before we can claim that we understand it.

Time is running out, but we are silent. Are we being weak or ignorant? Sometime between 2030 and 2050, China will be the superpower that we once were as history repeats itself.

Fight for your freedom don't allow it to be taken. The choice is yours and it is your right to speak up. I hope that you will, as silence begets silence.

-Alan Moses

Copyrighted © 2007 Alan Moses
Edited and Reprinted with Permission.

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