Thursday, August 30, 2007

Community News

Community News

Radio Show:  Pushing Limits Friday, August 17th, 2007
Pushing Limits presents a program on the pathology and politics of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), hosted by Jackie Barshak, an art historian living with MCS.
Guests: Dr. Grace Ziem, Albert Donnay,Cindi Norwitz, Dr. Ann McCampbell 


Our Assumptions About What Causes Chronic Diseases Could Be Wrong
Discoveries about how chemicals and environmental toxins interact with our DNA and make us susceptible to disease could revolutionize our concept of illness.

Chemical Company to End Use of Mercury

Staffers Say Renovation Made Them Ill

See What You're Spewing As You Speed Along

Cures or avoidance of Autism, ADD and many other physical and Neurological Disorders are at hand

Toxic Substances Quick Chemical Screening

Omega-3 again linked to calmer ADHD kids

The Consumer : Cleanliness may not always be healthy

FEMA Finally Ends Use of Toxic Trailers

Omega-3 again linked to calmer ADHD kids

A Call to Reduce Toxic Chemicals

Toxic Sponge


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