Thursday, August 30, 2007

MCS in the Creative Community: Fall Is Here


MCS in the Creative Community

Fall Is Here

                                                               by the members of MCS America

fall is fast upon us, preparations for the new school year
parents help get everything ready for their children they hold so dear

some will head off to school, and not have an ounce of fear
while others only grudgingly go, and shed many a tear

tis hard for some and easy for others, how could this possibly be
let's work together to figure this out, and maybe we will see

floors freshly waxed, desks bleached, "protective" pesticides sprayed
particle board arrived, latex paint applied, mold remediation delayed

students enter, as mandated by law, eager on their first day
then allergies/asthma begin, attention wanders, behavior hardly okay

their young brains are fragile, apparent harm is in the "air"
what's a parent to do, besides walk away and despair

more mandates pass down, new vaccines forced without debate
every child's health taken, transferred to the hands of the state

noncompliance earning expulsion, no more privilege to go to school
personal choice stolen, growing up was never so cruel

no money in the budget to protect our kids from harm
public/private politics over health, time to activate the alarm!

what kid can concentrate, while triggers abound in school?
don't know about you, but home schooling is looking very COOL!




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