Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hawaii Governor Signs MCS Proclamation and Thanks MCS America for it's Contributions to the Health and Wellness of the Hawaii Community!

When I was told that the governor of Hawaii had signed a proclamation declaring May 2011 as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month, I was delighted! As I patiently waited for the proclamation to arrive, I never anticipated this perfectly and beautifully worded document thanking MCS America for its contributions to the health and wellness of the Hawaii community! I am honored that Governor Abercrombie and Lt. Governor Brian Shatz have formally recognized MCS America’s efforts.

Since its inception in 2006, MCS America has worked to gain medical, legal, and social recognition for multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) as a disorder of organic biological origin induced by toxic environmental insults; provided support and referral services to the individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia (FM), and other environmental illnesses; and worked toward ensuring that environmental toxicants are identified, reduced, regulated, and enforced through promoting effective legislation. This is only possible because of community involvement.

On behalf of MCS America and our MCS community, I humbly thank Governor Abercrombie and Lt. Governor Schatz for this gracious proclamation. Their recognition of MCS America's outreach efforts to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is greatly appreciated. This proclamation will be used to foster awareness of this health crisis, encourage policy and procedure changes to support people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and make public services and places accessible to people with MCS in Hawaii and all across America.

To view and download the 2011 Hawaii proclamation in PDF format, see

A special thank you also goes to Susie Collins at the Canary Report for working with me on the proclamation request. Susie operates one of the best online social networks in the U.S. for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. For more information, visit

Every year countless individuals and organizations across the United States request proclamations for many forms of environmental illness, including:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Toxic Injury

Indoor Toxic Mold

Chemical Awareness

Food Allergy

Neuroendocrineimmune Disorders

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Gulf War Illness

For more information on how to request a proclamation and plan for awareness events, download a free event planning kit at

Para obtener más información sobre cómo solicitar una proclama y el plan de actividades de sensibilización, consulte

With Aloha,

Lourdes Salvador

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