Saturday, April 23, 2011

May is MCS Awareness Month and the Theme this Year is Yellow!

"Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness." - James Thurber

May is MCS Awareness month and the theme this year is yellow! People around the world are making a statement by wearing yellow on May Day, Sunday, May 1 and throughout May. T-shirts, hats, scarfs, and pins all show awareness and support of people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Please join us for this important observance!

One of the greatest ways to generate awareness is to wear clothing and accessories which mention and promote MCS. MCS America has provided several designs to Cafe Press on a volunteer basis to further the awareness of MCS and to support the mission of MCS America. All the designs are available in yellow shirts and bags. Cafe Press prints these designs and sells the items from their website. Our Cafe Press mark-up is 0%, so we take no income from this project and buyers pay CafĂ© Press’s wholesale cost only.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) affects over 48 million men, women, and children of all races. Even though MCS is of widespread epidemic prevalence, public awareness of the toxicity of common environmental insults and ways to manage and accommodate MCS remain limited.

Please join us in spreading awaress this May!

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