Friday, May 13, 2011

[Multiple chemical sensitivity is for real].

[Multiple chemical sensitivity is for real].
[Article in Finnish]
Hannuksela M, Haahtela T. Duodecim. 2011;127(7):706-11.
Diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivity is based on symptoms described by the patient. Sometimes the symptom is manifested as flushing of the face and as watering of the eyes and nose. Patients with multiple chemical sensitivity do not sense lower concentrations of scents and smells than do healthy persons, but their olfaction does not adapt to the smell. Because the mechanism of the sensitivity is not properly known, a good treatment does not exist. Some patients are alleviated by antihistamines or nasally sprayed corticosteroids or dilute local anesthetics. The best way is to avoid intense smells.

PMID: 21553505
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