Friday, May 13, 2011

Cafe Press Shop Additions from the MCS America T-Shirt Contest

All the t-shirt contest designs from the MCS America T-Shirt Contest are now available on Cafe Press at cost.  No profit is derived from the sale of these items.  For a complete list of cost-based shops and photgraphs of the designs, see
If you haven't voted yet, don't forget to vote for your favorite shirt at
Designed by Connie Pitts
Perfumes are Toxic! No Scents Makes Sense!

Designed by Bonita Poulin
Many Chemicals in Perfumes Are Hazardous to Health!

Designed by Audrey Goodwin
Your Perfume Smells Like My %&!*

Designed by Brian Brennan

Designed by Christiane Tourtet
May is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month. 
Want to know more about it?

Designed by Melva Smith 1
Pesticides Break My Stride
Just Say No To Lawn Chemicals 

Designed by Melva Smith 2
What Are We Doing to Our Children?
Just Say No to Pesticides

Designed by Tammie Page
Perfume is Optional, Breathing is Not

Designed by Maud Strom
Stink Toad
Nice Fragrance, Must You Marinate in It?

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