Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May 2007 MCS America News: Points to Ponder: A Parent's Worst Fear

In the good 'ol days we had nothing to fear but fear itself! When a child goes to school, most parents fear:





School shootings

Getting Involved with the wrong crowd

Drugs & Alcohol


However, in our fast paced enlightened age of technology and chemicals, parents worst fears are changing. Now we must worry that our child is sitting in a toxic classroom all day, many of which contain mold, fragrances, new carpeting, petroleum floor waxes, industrial strength cleaning chemicals, fragrance emitting devices, and chemical residues that have made teachers ill. And then there is the diesel school bus, full of many of the same toxicants that may cause chronic illness.

Growing up we rarely heard of asthma or autism. Now, they are very common and frightening realities we see in a disproportionately large amount of children. Clearly something is wrong and many parents blame the environment and consider autism and asthma environmentally induced illnesses. Indeed the facts and timing of the onset of these illnesses fit with increased vaccinations, strong cleaning chemicals, more synthetic fragrances than ever. Could it be that toxicants will be added to the list of guns, knives, bullies, and drugs in the face of this new crisis situation?

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