Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May 2007 MCS America News: Book Sale

Three brand new and off-gassed copies of

Defining Chemical Sensitivity

by Bonnye L. Matthews. valued at $39.95 each

will be sold as part of our MCS Awareness month fundraiser and celebration!


Section One expertly reviews the research and treatment strategies on MCS. In Section Two the author examines the legal recourses available to MCS sufferers, including workers' compensation claims and product liability suits. Section Three discusses and demonstrates how medical opposition to MCS is common, yet unfounded. The editor, an MCS sufferer, details her own case in Section Four.

Bonnye L. Matthews lives in Wasilla, Alaska and developed chemical sensitivity from low-level toxic exposure. She is also the author of Chemical Sensitivity (1992).

$39.95 plus $4.05 shipping

To purchase go to:


Enter "admin@mcs-america.org" for the recipient.

Enter $44.00,

Select "goods" for the purchase type.

Put your mailing address in the notes section and proceed to checkout..

We will reply via email when the book is shipped.

If you have any questions, contact us at book@mcs-america.org

All proceeds will go to support the mission of MCS America.

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