Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May 2007 MCS America News: Member Spotlight: Alan Moses

What, in your opinion, is the greatest health threat to humans right now?

The research that I do keeps coming up with chemical toxins that cause genetic mutations.

Are you or someone you know affected by MCS or a Toxicant Induced illnesses?

My two sons suffer from ASD and I am sure it is chemically and heavy metal induced. My daughter has allergies and asthma.

If so, how has this affected your life?

To say the least, it has made my life very difficult. At times I wonder how I will get by and make sure that my children will be okay. Other times I find answers and feel that better days are ahead.

What do you feel is most contributing to the Autism Epidemic we are seeing today?

This is a very controversial question. I believe that mercury from vaccines, the mother's amalgams and diet contributed along with the destruction of natural immunity by vaccines and antibiotics used when they were very young.

What do you want others to know about Autism, MCS and other related illnesses?

My main point is to share with all that we can stop this madness with alternative therapies for most and by eliminating the chemical toxins that plays a large role in this epidemic. It is here and only becoming worse,

What is the biggest issue you think the world faces regarding toxicant induced illnesses?

Denial by the very ones who we expect to protect or help in these matters.

What do you do to make others aware of MCS, Autism and related disorders?

I have been an advocate for Autism for the last 8 years and have just started with MCS when I realized the relationship. I write and have done a T.V. news spot locally. I also have a book "How to repair children damaged by Mercury, Medicine and Politics" co-authored with Dr. Michael Sichel from Australia due in May 2007.

What words of wisdom would you like to share with others about Autism and/or MCS?

We must not give up as our children and loved ones deserve our help. You will never be heard by keeping silent, use any avenue available to you to get the word out. There is hope. We just need to lead the way, as nobody cares until it happens to them. Today we add many more in numbers that will begin to care and need our leadership due to the denials. If it doesn't stop, we will outnumber them soon enough.

Editors Note: Alan was interviewed by Kathy Houghton

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