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MCS America News - October 2007 Issue

MCS America News
Volume 2 Issue 10
October 2007

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Position Statement on MCS Etiology
This paper will support the position that MCS is a disorder of organic biological origin induced by toxic environmental insults, and requires immediate recognition in the workplace, medical community, school system, and public places across America; and that it is crucial that environmental toxicants are identified and reduced or effectively regulated and enforced through legislation to prevent additional injury to citizens.

Community Spotlight:Martin L. Pall, PhD
PDF: How did you become interested in MCS and the tenth disease paradigm?

I became  interested in this group of illnesses, mainly because I came down with chronic fatigue syndrome after a viral infection a bit over ten years ago.  My  interest in CFS became broadened to this group of illnesses, as I became aware of their many similarities, their co-morbidity and the proposals from others that they may share a common etiology  (causal mechanism).

Activist's Corner
This months Activist's Corner is dedicated to a call to action on behalf of Dr. Rea.  Dr. Rea writes:
Dear Patients:
This letter is being sent to you so that we may provide information about a potential serious threat to your choice of medical care. To put it bluntly, there is currently an organized nation-wide effort to destroy the specialty of Environmental Medicine and to eliminate from practice physicians who diagnose and treat patients suffering from chemical sensitivities.

Studies:  Antibacterial Soap Harmful
Researchers at the University of Michigan say antibacterial soaps has no health benefits and may, in fact, be more harmful than regular soap.
Allison Aiello her colleagues found that washing hands with an antibacterial soap is no more effective in preventing infectious disease. In addition, antibacterial soaps do not remove any more bacteria during washing than regular soap.

Studies:  Green Tea as a Detoxifier
Green tea prevents cancer, according to researchers from the University of Arizona who state that green tea consumption has been associated with decreased risk of certain types of cancers in humans.  Chow et al set out to determine the biochemical mechanisms responsible for the cancer-preventive effect of green tea in a clinical study, and more specifically, to determine the effect of repeated green tea polyphenol administration on a major group of detoxification enzymes  known as glutathione S-transferases (GST).

World Trade Center Teaches a Lesson
September 11th is a day that will never be forgotten for various reasons.  While most of us remember the day as shocking and emotional,  those involved in rescue at the World Trade Center's twin tower's, remember the toxic cloud of air pollution, dust, and smoke with every breath.  According to scientists, occupational exposures at the World Trade Center disaster site have been associated with a disease profile in which ongoing respiratory symptoms predominate.

AMeriCanS with Disabilities
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is an invisible disability.   According to a presentation at the Association of Postdoctoral and Psychology Internship Centers Membership Conference, which was held April 12 – 14, 2007, an invisible disability is not readily apparent to others and, therefore, a person with MCS faces social and attitudinal, as well as chemical, barriers with the risk of misunderstandings of sincere communications, misinterpretations of behaviors, and reactions of doubt, blame, and trivialization regarding one's symptoms.

Artistic Endeavors:  Breezes
Breezes ebb and flow with varying force;
Pushing, then releasing the leaf - filled branches
of the small, but growing tree.

Searching for safety while flying solo,
a harrowing sparrow lites on a branch,
as it's lifted from gusts of wind.
Once settled, the sparrow rides the
jostling movements of the branch.

Sal's Place
MCS Can Be Deadly
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a life changing illness.  As an invisible disability, often not apparent to others,  a person with MCS not only faces chemical barriers, but also social and attitudinal barriers, which researchers say carries the risk of misunderstandings, misinterpretations of behavior, reactions of doubt, victim blaming, and  worse, trivialization of symptoms.  These barriers exist as a result of others not being able to visibly see the disability of MCS, since symptoms are not often visible to others and instead manifest in fatigue, pain, respiratory problems, cognitive decline, and general health decline, none of which is apparent to the naked eye.

Inside MCSA
PDF: The following information is quoted from   at the request of Gordon McHendry, founder of MCS International.  Gillian is in the UK.  More information on Gillian, including video's may be found at the link above.
Dear Friends,
PLEASE - help us save Gillian McCarthy. Your help is urgently needed. 

Community News
PDF: Is Mystery Mold to Blame for Student Sickness?

UNSW has delivered a final blow to the theory that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(CFS) is driven by the body's immune system

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I Can Breathe Masks

Featured Research Studies
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Environmental Exposure Assessment, Pollution Sources, and Exposure Agents:
A Primer for Pediatric Nursing Professionals

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