Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inside MCS America: Save Gillian!

The following information is quoted from   at the request of Gordon McHendry, founder of MCS International.  Gillian is in the UK.  More information on Gillian, including video's may be found at the link above.


Dear Friends,


PLEASE - help us save Gillian McCarthy. Your help is urgently needed. 


Gillian is facing imminent eviction from The Stopgap. The temporary wooden huts continue to leak and deteriorate and yet however poor her accommodation, The Stopgap has been the only place available and Gillian cannot safely be transported elsewhere. It seems the Authorities are intent on forcing her out of the only sanctuary she has, by continuing to withhold suitable medical and dental treatment including agreed specialist housing and Home Care and the basic necessities of life. Thus we fear they are engineering Gillian's extreme suffering and untimely death.


Frighteningly, should the eviction (or threat of it) make Gillian's health collapse still further, the Authorities have the capability to keep her, the main witness to their scandalous behavior, hospitalized and isolated until this blows over and she "unfortunately" dies.


In order to try and protect Gillian from the latest inappropriate plans proposed by the authorities and in an attempt to get her desperately needed medical treatment, including housing and home-care reinstated, we need you to write a postcard/letter/fax/e-mail in support of the medically prescribed special housing Gillian needs - which has still not materialized 10 years after it was promised.


Your letters addressed to the Authorities, the Press and MPs etc. are aimed to protect Gillian from SSDC's dismissal of the seriousness of her condition, the cover-up of their failure to fulfill their promises and to stop them retrospectively justifying 10 years of lies, prevarication and sheer abuse of a "vulnerable adult" (in their words) by taking action which at best will cause extreme suffering and probably lead to Gillian's death.


By deluging them with postcards, letters, faxes, e-mails and even petitions, you can let them know that they cannot get away with this and sweep Gillian under the carpet as has happened with other patients.

If you write one postcard with one line on it you can make a difference. Evil prevails when good people fail to act.


Please write to as few or as many of the addressees enclosed as you can. Say as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. Speak from the heart. Let them know of your concerns. Not just for Gillian and her family but for neglected chemical victims throughout the UK and indeed World-wide.


Please encourage your friends, relatives, co-workers, church groups and patient groups to write as individuals or set up a petition. In fact anyone who is concerned about how the disabled are treated could be approached. Copying us in, if possible would be most helpful and good for morale.


The most important thing is to write promptly as time is of the essence..


You may copy e-mails to:, which is the address which is receiving Gillian's emails.

More background to Gillian's case can also be accessed on Gillian's "Meet the Team" web page on this web site at:  


We have no funding or outside support for this campaign for Gillian's care. Gillian has helped many others including fellow sufferers. Now please help her.


Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Barbara McCarthy - June 2007

Bristol, UK


Media and Authorities Contacts in Preferential Order


The South West Peninsular Strategic Health Authority
Wellspring Road

Tel: 01823 333491
Fax: 01823 344352
Chief Executive: Sir Ian Carruthers
Chairman: Sir Michael Pitt


Somerset Primary Care Trust
Chard Office
Chataway House
Chard Business Park
Leach Road, Chard
TA20 1FR
Tel: 01460 238600
Fax: 01460 238699
Chief Executive: Ian Tipney
Chairman: Mrs. J. Barrie OBE


Primary Care Trust Expert Adviser
Dr Michael J Radcliffe
1 Leigh Road
SO17 1EF
Tel: 01962 826127
Fax: 0238 0671677
Dr Michael J Radcliffe
The Allergy Clinic
Sarum Road
SO22 5HA


South Somerset District Council
Brympton Way
Yeovil, Somerset
BA20 2HT
Tel: 01935 462462
Chief Executive: Mr. Phil Dowlan
Chairman: Mr Dave Green
Tel: 01935 414243
Councillor: Ric Pallister O.B.E.
6 Barons Court
East Chinnock
Yeovil, Somerset
BA22 9EJ
Tel: 01935 863897


Somerset County Council
County Hall
Taunton Somerset
Tel: 0845 345 9166
Chief Executive: Alan Jones
Head of Social Services: Miriam Maddison
Chairman: Alan Gloak
Strategic Development Manager: Dr Michael Patrick
Tel: 01823 364913

M.P. David Heath CBE
House of Commons
Tel: 0207 219 3000 (enquiries)

Mr Neil Parish MEP
House of Commons
Or alternatively:
Mr Neil Parish
16 Northgate
Bridgewater, Somerset
Web site:

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