Thursday, September 13, 2012

Retract the Flawed 'Organic Study' Linked to Big Tobacco and Pro-GMO Corps

[COMMENT:  Very biased viewpoint on this study and article below trying to downplay the truth of the flawed study. Over and over again, these industry funded organic vs. conventional studies look only at nutritional content. Who eats organic because they think it has more nutrients? No one. People eat organic to avoid toxic pesticides and because they support a farming method that is more environmentally friendly and kind to the soil. Irregardless of the researchers opinion, it is significant to find less pesticides in the body / urine of people eating organic. Claiming "we don't know" whether that has any health significance is just plain ignorance and amounts to putting ones head in the sand. Likewise, conventional products have been shown to contain more antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Please sign petition to retract the study below.]

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