Monday, September 24, 2012

MCS/CFS Survey Deadline October 1st!

The deadline to participate in the MCS/CFS Survey is October 1st.  Please respond now!
This survey is integral research looking for biological correlations between MCS, CFS, and diabetes.  The results will help physicians and scientists better understand the nature of these conditions and hopefully lead to their prevention and treatment.  The results will be published in a peer-review journal, as well as the MCS America News. 
Harold Zeliger, the primary researcher, is a chemical toxicologist who has been studying the consequences of chemical combinations on human health.  Dr. Zeliger wrote the book "Human Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures".  More information about Zeliger can be found on his website at
Please take a moment to answer this short 5 question survey, which can be accessed here:
If you have already responded, please share with your email list and networks and encourage others to respond.


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