Friday, November 26, 2010

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Sued Over

Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center is suing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to remove body scanners from ariports. He says TSA does not have the authority to place these scanners in airports.

There are health concerns due to the radiation, privacy concerns because the scanners are a full body x-ray, and religious concerns. The TSA telling Americans not to be concerned about the radiations and they have been downplaying concerns without providing scientific evidence of safety.

These scanners are not even the right technology to deal with the powder explosives that have been used in past threats, so there really is no safety improvement either.

Congressman Ron Paul says Enough is Enough when it comes to TSA body scanners. Paul has introduced a bill to disallow body scanners. He says private property should be protected by private parties, not beaurocrats. The bill removes the immunity the TSA has to do things to the public that other members of the public could not do. In other words, it's illegal for a teacher to grope a student and take nude pictures. Therefore, it would be illegal for the TSA to grope a and nude photograph a member of the public. "This does not make us safer," says Paul.

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