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Organic Bytes: Monsanto's Frankencrops Toppling, Peaceful Uprising,


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Monsanto's Frankencrops Toppling, Peaceful Uprising,

#294, September 15, 2011

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Quote of the Week

Monsanto's Corn Is Toppling Over

"As the summer growing season draws to a close, 2011 is emerging as the year of the superinsect - the year pests officially developed resistance to Monsanto's genetically engineered (ostensibly) bug-killing corn.

"In late July scientists in Iowa documented the existence of corn rootworms (a ravenous pest that attacks the roots of corn plants) that can happily devour corn plants that were genetically tweaked specifically to kill them. Monsanto's corn, engineered to express a toxic gene from a bacterial insecticide called Bt, now accounts for 65 percent of the corn planted in the US.

"The superinsect scourge has also arisen in Illinois and Minnesota.

"'Monsanto's insect-killing corn is toppling over in northwestern Illinois fields, a sign that rootworms outside of Iowa may have developed resistance to the genetically modified crop,' reports Bloomberg. In southern Minnesota, adds Minnesota Public Radio, an entomologist has found corn rootworms thriving, Bt corn plants drooping, in fields.

"[A] 2008 study, conducted by University of Missouri researchers and published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that within three generations, rootworms munching Monsanto's Bt corn survived at the same rate as rootworms munching pesticide-free corn-meaning that complete resistance had been achieved. Takeaway message: rootworms are capable of evolving resistance to Monsanto's corn in 'rapid' fashion."

- "Monsanto Denies Superinsect Science," by Tom Philpott, Mother Jones, September 8, 2011


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Alerts of the Week

New Millions Against Monsanto World Food Day Events Map

This World Food Day, October 16, 2011, Millions Against Monsanto activists are going all out to make October 16, 2011, the biggest single day of action for labels on genetically engineered food in U.S. history.

Check out our new U.S. map where you can zoom in to see what's happening in your town.

Don't see an event in where you live? Start one up!

Go to for information or ideas.

Go to your Millions Against Monsanto state page to get involved locally.

Questions? Need help getting an event started? Contact the Millions Against Monsanto campaign.



Join the Virtual March Against Monsanto!

The Millions Against Monsanto campaign is revving up for World Food Day Right2Know rallies, marches, flash mobs, recruiting drives, film screenings, potlucks and house parties. 10/16/11 is going to be the single biggest day of action for labels on genetically engineered food in U.S. history.

It's time to check in and let us know you'll be with us on World Food Day standing up for your "Right2Know about GMOs!" Join the virtual march against Monsanto, a slideshow of Millions Against Monsanto activists around the country that will be screened at World Food Day events on October 16.

Take a photo of yourself with a home-made sign that says "[YOUR TOWN OR NEIGHBORHOOD] against Monsanto! We Have the Right2Know About GMOs!" and add it to the Virtual Rally for the Right2Know About GMOs on Flickr.



Planting Peace in Washington, D.C. October 6.

By now most of us understand that out-of-control technologies such as genetic engineering and chemical-intensive agriculture are symptoms of a greater problem. Wall Street and large corporations have taken over the government and the media, institutionalizing what can only be described as a corporatocracy.

Join us

Moving Planet: Global Day of Action to Stop Climate Change

Bicycle activists, organic consumers, alternative energy advocates and concerned citizens all across the country and the world will rally in their local communities on September 24, 2011 to reverse the climate crisis before it morphs into a climate catastrophe. As many of us are aware there will be no organic future, or future at all for humans, if we allow greenhouse gas pollution to continue. Our mission is clear: we must bring atmospheric levels of CO2 pollution down from 390 to 350 ppm as soon as possible.

Go here to organize or join a local action for September 24


Film of the Week

Back to Eden: Simple. Sustainable. Solutions.

Back to Eden is a new feature documentary that follows one man's revolutionary approach to organic gardening. "It's all about the covering!" is how Paul Gautschi enthusiastically describes his gardening method that mimics the self sustaining design of nature. The film shows how gardeners and farmers worldwide can easily transform their agricultural practice into a simple and productive process of growing food. Revealing critical issues such as soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed and pest control, crop rotation, and pH issues, the documentary focuses on proactive solutions, leaving the delving into the background politics to preceding documentary films such as Food, Inc. and Dirt! Back to Eden offers not only a fresh perspective on critical environmental issues but digs deeper into true stories of experiencing faith, seeking relationship and the power of forming community. Highlighted interviews include specialists in human ecology, nutrition, horticulture, and agriculture.

Watch the full film online


Little Bytes

MEXICO: Traditional Maize Can Cope with Climate Change

Peasant and Indigenous People Have Thousands of Solutions to Confront Climate Change!

Securing a Food Future in Cities: a Case Study in Repurposing Military Bases

Superweeds Go Mainstream

Alaska Senator Murkowski to Push Federal Ban on Frankenfish


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