Friday, September 16, 2011

Mum fuming over toxic baby wipes

[COMMENT:  This just goes to show that even fragrance-free and alternative products may be unsafe. Through time, society has become over reliant on "products", many of which are truly not necessary and/or for which there are simple solutions. Baby wipe - take washcloth out of bag, pour small amount of water from small bottle on cloth and wipe. No fragrance, no chemicals, no cost to to purchase every week, guaranteed safer. Or, simple go to sink and wash. Let's face it, germ-mongering is just a sales gimmick to sell products.]

Mum fuming over toxic baby wipes
"An Auckland mother believes she was misled into regularly cleaning her son's face with baby wipes that have now been shown to contain a banned preservative.

"I'm fuming right now," Victoria Preston, of Grey Lynn, said yesterday."

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