Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chronic fatigue scientists get 'death threats' & Rebuttal

"Scientists researching new treatments for ME claim they have received death threats from sufferers angered by suggestions the syndrome may have a mental explanation"


"British researchers looking at the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome have received death threats from protesters angry at their focus on possible mental triggers, a report said Friday."

The real victims of ME are those with the disease
"This story is not a new one. Psychiatrist Simon Wessely, well-known for his theories that myalgic encephalomyelitis is a type of neurosis, was telling the New Scientist in 2009 about the threats he faced. Now he tells the BBC's Tom Fielden: "People seem to prefer to be diagnosed with like a retro-virus, a potentially incurable, maybe even fatal illness, rather than an illness for which we do have some reasonable but not perfect treatment.

"That really attests to the strength of feeling here – I would rather have an incurable virus than a potentially curable disorder if the cure was treatment involving any acknowledgement of the social or psychological."

No, Dr Wessely, I suspect that that is not what ME sufferers feel – not even those who have descended to desperate extremist levels.... They feel dismayed by the fact that most government funding into ME concentrates on research into the psychology and not the virology of the illness. They feel dismayed by NICE guidelines and doctors who persist with programmes of treatment that not only do not work but make them feel worse. They feel dismayed by a stigma that still surrounds the illness, stemming from early medical ignorance."

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