Sunday, February 2, 2014

Multiple chemical sensitivity caused by exposure to ignition coal fumes: a case report.

Multiple chemical sensitivity caused by exposure to ignition coal fumes: a case report.
Yun MJ, Kang DM, Lee KH, Kim YK, Kim JE.
Ann Occup Environ Med. 2013 Nov 1;25(1):32. doi: 10.1186/2052-4374-25-32.
Although multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a well-known disorder caused by environmental exposures, MCS caused by occupational exposure has been reported in Korea. Therefore, we report a MCS case caused by environmental exposure to ignition coal after a differential diagnosis to exclude other diseases.
Since 2011, a 55-year-old woman had experienced edema, myalgia, and other symptoms when she smelled ignition coal near her workplace. She had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome(FMS) and was treated, with no improvement of symptoms. Since then, she showed the same symptoms after exposure to city gas, the smell of burning, and exhaust gas. To avoid triggering substances, she moved to a new house and used an air purifier. She quit her job in November 2012. After visiting our hospital, she underwent a differential diagnosis for FMS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and somatization disorder. She was diagnosed with MCS by the Korean version of the Quick Environment Exposure Sensitivity Inventory (QEESI). She was educated about the disease and to avoid triggering substances. She received ongoing treatment for her symptoms.
This case showed that symptoms began after smelling ignition coal. After that, her triggers was increased such as the smell of city gas, burning, and exhaust gas. This case is the first reported in Korea of MCS due to environmental exposure after ruling out other diseases.
PMID: 24472417 [PubMed]

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