Thursday, July 22, 2010

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Guidelines for South Australian Hospitals

[Comment:  We need to be doing more of this type of thing in the USA.]
Government of South Australia
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Guidelines for South Australian Hospitals

"The need for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) guidelines for South Australian health services was first raised by people with MCS.

Several groups and individuals should be acknowledged for their significant efforts in raising awareness for the need for MCS guidelines in South Australia and for their commitment to extending the knowledge base relating to MCS. These groups include the SA Task Force on MCS, the consumer group, and the MCS Reference Group which includes consumers, clinicians, Local and State Government representatives, and the Myalgicencephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Society of SA. The MCS Reference Group is now active in addressing issues around local Council use of pesticides, and will also serve as a forum for information exchange, particularly aetiological, clinical, and toxicological information.

In response to the Social Development Committee Parliamentary Review of MCS, the Department of Health was directed to develop MCS guidelines for SA hospitals. A review of national and international literature and MCS hospital guidelines was conducted that resulted in the decision to adopt the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital MCS Guidelines, and adapt these for use by South Australian Hospitals."

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