Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Safe Journey Back to School, An Investigative Report

A Safe Journey Back to School
An Investigative Report

PDF Version:      http://mcs-america.org/September2009pg12345678910.pdf
Online Version:  http://mcs-america.org/mcsanewsseptember2009.htm#_A_Safe_Journey
"The days of the bogyman still hold vivid recollection for many adults who lived in fear of turning off the lights or standing too close to the bed as children.  While the bogyman is recognized as an imaginary childhood fear, today's childhood bogyman is far from imaginary and it doesn't hide under the bed.  It hides in the nation's schools and threatens children's health, stultifying them through toxic exposures.  Children succumb to chronic physical, mental, and behavioral disorders as a result.  Toxic exposures in schools create hebetudes out of children, who are no longer able to learn, grow, and thrive with vigor."

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