Friday, March 27, 2009

ACTIVISM: Company to perfume its car parks

This is in the UK.  Please flood them with complaints saying this would keep us OUT of the parking garage instead of bring us in.  A simple 2 line comment will suffice if that's all there is time for.

For example:  "Adding fragrance to the stairwells will not make a facility more pleasant for drivers.  Fragrances are a personal choice and the wrong scent can be extremely unpleasant.   In addition, fragrances will make the facility an inaccessible health hazard and for the millions of people with asthma, fragrance sensitivity, or respiratory problems.  Please reconsider this important disability access issue.  It's a potential liability hazard to your organization.  The bottom line is that adding fragrance does not remove odors.  It adds to them.  Only regular cleaning removes odors." 

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Company to perfume its car parks

Car park company, NCP, intends to pump out people's favourite fragrances into smelly stairwells in a bid to bring more drivers into its multi-story car parks. 

Parking lot group eyeing lot fragrance

LONDON, March 27 (UPI) -- National Car Parks says it is looking into ways to replace the offending odors of Britain's parking lots with more pleasant smells for drivers.

The British private parking lot operator learned in a poll of 2,000 drivers that one-third of respondents would avoid a parking lot that featured offending smells, The Daily Mail said Friday.

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