Saturday, December 29, 2012

Too much cell phone usage could affect your health

Too much cell phone usage could affect your health

"In today's world having a cell phone has become an urgent necessity and not just an added luxury. In Saudi Arabia, everyone has a cell phone, starting from nine year olds. Some people even have two; one for work and one for social purposes. Although the trend has been increasing worldwide, it has been increasing exponentially here in the Kingdom.

A report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development shows that there are 4 billion cell phone users across the globe, with Saudi Arabia coming in first as the country with the largest number of cell phone users worldwide.

The report revealed that there are 180 cell phones for every 100 residents in the Kingdom; a number which speaks for itself. Cell phone usage is also on the rise among teenagers and children.

How may excessive cell phone usage affect our health as a nation? What is considered safe or moderate usage of cell phones? How many of us are guilty of chatting away on the cell phone for half an hour, even though we were at home and could have easily used the landline?"

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