Tuesday, June 12, 2012

State takes aim at mercury pollution

[Comment:  Excuses!  Just think if everyone started by taking care of pollution at home.  Then there wouldn't be any at all!]
State takes aim at mercury pollution

"Could the construction of power plants in Shanghai make it less safe to eat fish caught in the Everglades?

A plan to limit mercury pollution in Florida's rivers, lakes and coastal waters faces a significant impediment: The sources of mercury are global, stretching from the power plants, cement plants and automobile exhaust pipes of North America to the coal-fired power plants being built in China. And the rapidly expanding economies of Asia, far beyond the reach of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, contribute the largest share.

The department has begun a series of meetings to establish the maximum acceptable level of mercury for the state's waterways, where high concentrations of the silvery metal have led to advisories to limit consumption of some fish species, particularly in South Florida. But while the impact is local, state officials say, the sources are not."

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