Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homeless Boca Raton woman turns to Twitter for help

Homeless Boca Raton woman turns to Twitter for help,0,3629752.story

"Estranged from family and friends, broke, sick with chronic pain from diseases including fibromyalgia and afraid to spend another night in her car, Blair Miller cast out the only lifeline she had left. She sent a tweet from her mobile phone:

"Ok if anyone knows anyone Who could help a Fibro gal In distress till I find help I would be eternally grateful. I am not contagious. S.E FL"

Within hours on Sept. 26, about 20 people from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia and cities across the United States began answering the call. They gave hotel points, rented her a post office box, sent gift cards for gas and groceries, started a blog to tell her story and opened a PayPal account to collect a few hundred dollars worth of donations."

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