Sunday, May 4, 2014

EMR Awareness Month 2014

RE:  EMR Awareness Month 
Dear Readers and Partners;

Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation affects 9.8 million men, women, and children of all races in America (Levallois, 2002).  Even though sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is of widespread epidemic prevalence, public awareness of the disabling health effects of common electromagnetic exposures and ways to manage and accommodate sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation remains limited. Electromagnetic Radiation Awareness Month, May 2014, bestows upon us a great opportunity to work towards increased public awareness of sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.
Organizations around the world have put forth great effort to establish May of each year as Electromagnetic Radiation Awareness Month. Many are working to improve awareness and appropriate healthcare around the world.  Activities are organized around the month of May and continue throughout the year.  MCS America plays a special role during this time and is committed to promoting awareness of electromagnetic fields which may cause sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and trigger reactions in those with sensitivity.
This entire month of May is dedicated to planning for individuals and organizations in the U.S. to hold local events during Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation Awareness Month and beyond. You will find numerous ideas for promoting awareness, educating others, increasing recognition, and planning community events. There are many editable sample materials which may be downloaded and used locally.
Electromagnetic radiation awareness events are expected to take place across the United States this May.  MCS America provides an
Electromagnetic Radiation Event Planning Kit to help you plan both small and large awareness events.  MCS America can help publicize your event on news feeds, blogs, newspapers, our newsletter, and other venues. Submit your event to We value your feedback on the usefulness of the sample materials and welcome suggestions for future materials.
We would like to thank you for any and all efforts towards increased awareness in your locality. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can. Working together, we can help America to take control of electromagnetic exposures and eradicate sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.
MCS America


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