Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On-the-Job Hearing Loss Keeping Workers Awake

[Comment:  One thing that this fails to address other sources of noise exposure, such as loud neighbors, traffic, construction, lawn equipment, and other urban noises. These days all you have to do is live in the world to be exposed to harmful levels of noise.]

On-the-Job Hearing Loss Keeping Workers Awake
Loud workplace noise may lead to tinnitus, other problems that can affect sleep, study finds

"Work-related hearing loss can lead to sleep problems, a new study has found.
Israeli researchers gave hearing tests to 298 male employees at a workplace where they were exposed to harmful noise and found that 99 of the workers had a hearing impairment and 199 had normal hearing. Those with hearing problems tended to be older and to have been exposed to workplace noise for a longer time."

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